Regional Stormwater Partnership Overview

The Regional Stormwater Partnership (RSWP) was formed as a forum for stormwater professionals to work collaboratively on local stormwater issues. The RSWP is currently composed of municipalities that provide education and outreach activities as part of their Clean Water Act stormwater permit requirements.

The Infrastructure, Design, Environment, and Sustainability (IDEAS) Center at UNC Charlotte facilitates an environment of collaborative working relationships and provides an administrative home for the RSWP. As a forum for community engagement the RSWP and the IDEAS Center are a regional focal point for sound research, education, and the application of knowledge.  Together, they strive to sustain and enhance natural systems and the services they provide by the application of better environmental technology and practices.

The partnership represents a commitment to the environment through meaningful collaboration among professionals and educators throughout the region. Further, by providing unique opportunities to enhance students’ personal and professional growth, the RSWP hopes to help build a stronger workforce and a community more knowledgeable of stormwater issues.

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