Collaborative Sustainability Research

Friday, October 18, 2013

On October 15, 2013, UNC Charlotte shared its sustainability initiatives with the Duke Energy sustainability team. The Duke Energy team began at the IDEAS Center for a Welcome and Summary with Regina Guyer, Executive Director of the Environmental Assistance Office and Associate Director of the IDEAS Center and Dr. Sandra Clinton, Associate Director of the IDEAS Center. Kathy Boutin-Pasterz, UNC Charlotte Recycling Coordinator and Devin Hatley, UNC Charlotte Environmental Educator, discussed UNC Charlotte recycling efforts and their office 'mini bin' initiative as well as their work in coordinating with Housing, Chartwells Catering and Dining Services, and UNC Charlotte students and employees.  They also discussed their food waste composting program.  Once at Jerry Richardson Stadium, home of the Forty-Niners, Boutin-Pasterz and Hatley discussed the stadium's Zero Waste Initiative. After leaving the football stadium the team traveled to the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) where Michael Lizotte, UNC Charlotte Sustainability Officer, and Dr. Nicole Peterson, Department of Anthropology,  discussed UNC Charlotte's Sustainability projects and Peterson's NSF grant (through the IDEAS Center and Department of Anthropology) ,  the Integrated Network for Social Sustainability (INSS).  This NSF funded grant endeavors to create an interdisciplinary national and international network of researchers around the theme of social sustainability to, in part, help technical professional groups appreciate how social sustainability applies to them.

Duke Energy team discussing Jerry-Richardson stadium's zero waste initative.


Duke Energy team in front of Jerry-Richardson stadium.