Speaker Presentations

2015 BioEnergy Symposium Speaker Presentations


Beneficial Byproducts: Synergy for Value 

National BioGas Markets, Policies & Trends Influencing NC

Patrick Serfass

-Executive Director -American BioGas Council 

Washington D.C.


Above the Dirt: A Look into North Carolina's Bioenergy Resources through Waste-Carbon Harvesting

William G. Simmons

-Jr. Vice President & Dir. of BioEnergy, Cavanaugh & Associates 

Wilmington, NC


BioEnergy Development and the Regulatory Balance

Kacey Hoover 

-Regulatory and Policy Analyst, NC Sustainable Energy Association

Raleigh, NC


Seeking the Synergistic Values

Barry Edwards 

-Dir. of Utilities and Engineering, Catawba County 

Catawba, NC


Byproucts Transformations from Waste to Resources to Energy

Ljupka Arsova

-Consultant, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc

Fairfax, VA


Maximizing Value from Biomass: Developing Pathways for the Production of Fuels and  Products

Mary J. Biddy

-Senior Research Engineer, National renewables Energy Laboratory

Golden, CO




Technical Sessions -Beneficial Byproducts & Acheivability and Applicability

Spoke and Hub Distributed Production of Methanol -A new paradigm for production of alternative chemicals and fuels

Sam Yenne

-CEO and Founder, Maverick SynFuels

Research Triangle Park, NC


ReVenture Park -Charlotte's First Eco-Industrial Park

Tom McKittrick

-President and Founder, ReVenture Park

Charlotte, NC


Using Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as a Feedstock for BioEnergy Generation

Bryan Staley, PhD

-CEO and President, Environmental Research and Education Foundation

Raleigh, NC


BioEnergy Research Initiative

Sam Brake

-Agricultural Program Specialist, Bioenergy Research Initiative, Oxford Station

Oxford, NC


BirdsEye Renewable Energy Overview

Brian Bednar

-President, BirdsEye Renewable Energy

Charlotte, NC


Renewable Energy Projects -Petra Engineering

Bob Sallach 

-Senior Vice President, Petra Engineering

Charlotte, NC


MicroAlgae: New Drivers for AD & Manure Valorization

Ed Weinberg, Sean Fitzpatrick, Bob Mroz

-ESSRE Consulting, AvAer, Hy-Tek Bio


Fair Oaks Farms, Systiainability Through Poo Power

Obi Ofeogbu

-Representative of ampCNG, Fair Oaks Farms 

Chicago Illinois


Improving Water Quality Using Algae

Sam Shepherd

-Chief Technical Office, Missing Link Technology

Charleston, SC


Use of Microalgae for the Simultaneous Treatment of Urban Wastewaters and Bioenergy Production

Catalina Davila Aguer

-Faculty, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

Puerto Rico


Searching for Biodiesel FeedstockL F3 - Case Study

Woodrow Eaton & Jeremy Ferrell

-Blue Ridge Biofuels, Appalachian State University

Asheville, Boone NC


Making the Most from your Biogas

Eric Wilgenbusch

Representative, Unison Solutions

Dubuque, Iowa