2012 Bioenergy Symposium

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Our second Annual BioEnergy Symposium took place in March, 2012.  The event focused on transportation biofuels and included sessions on market, feedstocks, policies, and investment outlooks.  Speakers included academics, producers, and regulatory and policy stakeholders who tasked with bringing attendees up to date on the latest technologies, policies, challenges and opportunities related to regional biofuel advances.  The symposium aimed educate and provide a discussion platform for municipal decision makers, elected officials, environmental organizations, and interested citizens.

The UNC Charlotte IDEAS Center and its Environmental Assistance Office (our educational and community outreach unit) were pleased to host this annual event.  We were joined this year by a dynamic co-host: Calor Energy of Charlotte, NC, a provider of diverse renewable energy services.  Our program team also included the Centralina Council of Governments, a regional planning group that is home to the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition.

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