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BioEnergy Symposium

Thank you for participating in the BioEnergy Sympoisum - Anaerobic Digestions held on April 9, 2013. We hope you enjoyed the conference and all that it offered! Most of the presentations can now be found online using the link below. In some cases a presentation is not available due to the author's wishes not to publish the work. Please email an author directly if you have questions regarding the posted presentations.

The next BioEnergy Sympoiusm will be held in the spring of 2014. Check our website for updates!

Presentations from the 2013 conference can be found here.


Unlike many academic conferences, the aim of our annual BioEnergy Symposium is not to share research reports.  Instead, the event is intended to be a vehicle for community education and dialogue, especially for stakeholders such as municipal decision-makers, regulators, citizen advocacy groups, and interested residents.  Each year will highlight different BioEnergy issues.

"The 2012 BioEnergy Symposium seemed a success by any measure:  good content, good spirit, and a thoughtful agenda.  Engagement by participants with each other - and with the topics at hand - was stronger than is usually the case, and thus enormously more productive.  You built a purposeful and interested little community for two days...with results to be useful over far longer a period of time.  What could be better outcome from such a convening?"     --W. Steven Burke, President and CEO of the Biofuels Center of North Carolina, March 19, 2012